"As world conditions worsen, precious metals stand the test of time to provide security for your family's wealth."
-Bruce Kalata, President & CEO

Sept.-Dec. 2014

Fall is upon us, and with it come many new opportunities to invest in your future.
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Bruce Kalata, CEO
Seven Star Enterprises, International
Gold at $1500 by Christmas?

Charles Oliver of Sprott Asset Management anticipates a rise in precious metals prices by the end of the year. In these excerpts from an interview with The Gold Report, he shares why:

"Gold is just as valuable today as it was 100 years ago. There was an orchestrated takedown of gold in April 2013. It has since traded between $1,200/oz and $1,400/oz, and this flies in the face of the conditions you mentioned [War in the Middle East and Russian troops in Ukraine].

We're going to have to be patient. We have gone through a bottoming process. We've had similar conditions before. In 1974, after the oil embargo, U.S. inflation was increasing dramatically, yet gold fell from about $200/oz to about $100/oz in 1976. Then over the next four years gold subsequently rallied to over $800/oz. In this decade, gold has fallen from $1,921/oz to $1,180/oz, but the fundamentals remain intact, and gold will regain its reputation as a unique store of value.

At Sprott, we believe very strongly that the next decade will see the gold/silver ratio move toward its historic rate of 1:16. The last time this happened was in 1980, when the gold price was $800/oz and the silver price was $50/oz. Under this scenario when the gold prices rise to $1,600/oz, I could expect silver to hit $100/oz. That would be a 500% increase in the silver price, versus a 30% increase in the gold price. I have taken a fairly significant weighting in the silver sector."
The Indispensable Resource

Sean Rakhimov of SilverStrategies.com believes silver prices will continue to rise toward the end of the year. He plans to stick with silver for the long haul, regardless of price dips along the way, precisely because silver, while often overlooked, is so important:

"If there is one adjective to describe silver, it's 'indispensable.' There are no adequate replacements. It is an extremely versatile metal, perhaps the most versatile in the periodic table. Silver can do a lot of good, too. For instance, it is being used more and more in medical implements that come in contact with the human body because silver kills bacteria in single-cell organisms. Silver is also used in the food industry to preserve and process foods like meat and dairy products.

But long before silver was improving our health and food safety, it was the world's currency. The word for silver is synonymous with money in 52 languages."

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Why Invest in Gold and Silver?
Adapted from GoldSilver.com

Why Buy Gold?
  • Gold is the only money that has never failed in the 5,000 year history of its use by humans.
  • Currently, there is only enough investment-grade gold available on Earth for every living person to have 1/3rd of an ounce.
  • Time and again throughout human history, gold has been revalued to account for all excess currency in circulation. Today, to account for all the U.S. dollars printed by the Federal Reserve, gold would have to be revalued at $15,000 per ounce.
Why Buy Silver?
  • There is currently less investment-grade silver available on Earth for investors to buy than there is gold.
  • Silver is a 'miracle metal'. It is second only to oil as the world's most useful commodity.
  • Aside from being money, silver has thousands of essential industrial uses. Silver is the most electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and reflective metal on the planet that has no known substitutes.
  • For the past 30 years the world has used up more silver than has been mined, and today silver inventories are near all time record low levels.

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